We set the bar high with our business standards and principles to ensure we best serve our clients and align with their commercial success. 

Our clients’ interests are our core focus.

We believe if we serve our clients well and align ourselves with their commercial interests, our success will follow.

Strong compliance and risk management are essential to our business

We stress robust risk management with rigorous processes for counterparties, clients, products and services. We are dedicated to fully complying with the laws, rules and ethical principles that govern us.  Our success, and service to our clients, depends upon adherence to this standard.

Technology and innovation are critical to our progress

We consider our technology, and the adoption of continually improving new platforms, to be at the forefront of our business, allowing us to serve clients the most effective way we can.  We pride ourselves on finding a better solution to a client’s problems

Our assets are our people, knowledge, capital, and reputation

Without our people, the rest will crumble.  It is our people who develop our knowledge and drive interaction with our clients.  We have a strong focus on cultivating our team, with both technical and principled learning, to foster our individual and collective success.

Integrity and transparency are central to our organisation

We take pride in delivering clarity and the highest professional quality in everything we undertake.  We expect our people to maintain high ethical and professional standards in the work they do within Monsas, with business partners and with clients.