Our global foreign exchange services are superior to mainstream banks, which minimizes transaction costs for our clients. 

Monsas also provide agency cash custody services and comprehensive FX hedging and payments platforms.

We have FX clients in 93 countries worldwide.  To date we have grown our business largely from referrals, and we are focused on client experience to ensure that our clients’ needs are fully met, making the best market rate available directly. 

In addition to cost effective spot FX, fixed and open forward contracts, and swaps products, we offer the following more comprehensive services:

  • FX hedging solutions:  Using our own proven investment management advisory process coupled with a portfolio management tool, we  provide effective FX hedging strategies and execution to improve our clients’ risk/reward profiles.  This service is typically bespoke for our clients, and is particularly of value for corporate treasury functions and funds with multiple currency exposures
  • Treasury solutions:  Our treasury solutions are typically comprised of our agency cash custody service, our investment options for managing client’s excess cash, the aforementioned hedging solution, as well as our financing solutions (where needed).  This service is principally of value for corporate treasury functions with fluctuating cash positions and multiple currency exposures